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No need to wonder, find the quick answers to the most commonly asked questions about Prisume

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Before installation

Prisume looks for printers in your customers network and collects information about ink and toner levels, waste container levels, drums, and other long-life consumables. An order is placed automatically when a set threshold level is reached.

Prisume covers all print brands on the market.

Yes. Prisume is a safe platform. Cloud hosting protects against downtime, and your data is safe via advanced encryption and secure backups, in an ISO/IEC 27001 certified hosting center. Prisume has sufficient up-time to ensure and guarantee delivery - as long as your printers and network are online.

Yes and No. The Data collector cannot be installed on a Raspberry Pi as it requires Windows .Net Framework. But via an, what we call, Edge solution, a Raspberry PI can be used if purchased from Despecs shop with Prisume pre-installed. And yes! You can install The Data Collector on an Intel Stick.

Not in MAC environment, but if you have Windows installed on your MAC computer
(can be done via BootCamp Assistant), the answer is YES! 

PRISUME is free to use but we charge a handling fee of €1,5 per ordered SKU.
There are no other costs, and you can cancel at any time.

It normally takes between 5 – 10 minutes regarding how used you are to IT-installations.
Just follow the instructions in the invitation mail and you’ll be just fine.

Prisume supports all brands and covers 98% of the printers in the market today. 

There are a few USB to PC connected printers that Prisume can support but most common answer would be no. If this is of great importance, contact us for information.

Prisume is cloud based and fully scalable. It makes no difference if you have one or thousands of printers. Prisume still monitors and guaranties delivery on all supported printers. And because there is no cost for the monitoring of devices, everyone can afford to join - from owner/operator business to large Nordic business with multiple cross-border locations. The only pre-requisite is that we can ship your ink or toner to a business address. Prisume does not support private household printers.

After installation

Yes. In Prisume you can set up different BIDs or contracts for each and every printer.
When an automatic purchase is made the BID number will ensure that you get the right price.

Prisume detects what SKU is in the printer and orders that same SKU. If a SKU has been discontinued or changed by the manufacturer, Despec will send the replacement SKU. Prisume does not handle non-original ink or toner.

Yes. In Prisume you can track your printers, their status, and the orders they have initiated in the system. There is a direct link to track and trace your shipments, so that you can follow the status of any new toners or ink cartridges on their way.

If you only want to monitor specific printers in a network, you must define the specific network ranges and IP addresses to Include and/or Exclude.

Including printers)

You have a network range from to and only want to collect these 4 IP addresses:

In the menu on the left, click on Data Collector. On the right, click on "+" to create the first network range and make sure that it is Enabled.

Add the first range and press save. Repeat this process to create the second range.

Name - IPv4 Start IPv4 End
Range 1 -
Range 2 -

Result: Now the data collector will only collect data from,, and

Excluding printers)

On the other hand, if you don’t want to monitor certain printers, you can exclude printers.
You have a network range from to and do NOT want to monitor these 4 IP Address's:

Then you create 1 network range as of above under “Include” (if not already created).

Name - IPv4 Start IPv4 End
Range 1 -

Then you create another 2 network ranges by clicking on the “+” button.

Name - IPv4 Start IPv4 End
Range 2 -
Range 3 -

Result: Now the data collector will collect data from all devices except,, and
Please note: If the IP address on the printer is changed to another IP address that is not specified in the network ranges, then the printer will NOT be discovered or collected. Print a configuration page from the device to ensure accurate IP information and add the new network range if needed.



Your password must;

  • be at least 8 characters long
  • contain at least 1 letter
  • contain at least 1 numeric character
  • contain at least 1 special character

If you forget or lose your password, there is an option at the login page to acquire a new one.

Technical questions

Every second hour (120 minutes).

Via HTTP port 80 for communication between the Prisume Data Collector and Prisume Server. This is comparable to normal internet surfing on a PC.

ll data is compressed and encrypted on HTTPS port 443. The Prisume Data Collector uses Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) Microsoft .NET 3.5 Framework SP1 (if not already installed on the server or PC it will take up ~500MB).

SNMP version 1.0 is activated on network and on devices. Password “Public” is used as standard. The Prisume Data Collector uses only a few resources on the computer its installed on and it can run on any hardware that complies with Microsoft .Net requirements.

Prisume ensures your data safety and security, both on the server and in the data transfers on the network (when PRISUME collects Management Information Base (MIB) / Object Identifier Description (OID) data from printers on the network). In addition, this is done using very little network resources.

Print jobs cannot be reproduced or copied based on transmitted data as only metadata and status data is transferred. This ensures confidentiality and as an extra layer of security all data is encrypted and compressed before its transferred from the local network to the Prisume servers.

The size of the data transmission (a HTTP request) is usually less than 100 KB. The default data transfer interval is set to every 120 minutes.

The Prisume Data Collector scans all defined sub-networks and identifies all print devices, (i.e., printers, MFPs, fax machines, copiers etc). The network-scan is configurable and can scan a single IP address, specified ranges or full networks. The Prisume Data Collector is a READ ONLY service (via SNMP) and can't therefor update nor make changes to devices on the network.

The PRISUME Data Collector Agent collects data in 2 phases from the networked devices; Discover & Collect. Both phases use SNMP to look for specific OIDs. From the server it is possible to set the interval for each phase.

The data collected varies by the specific printer. Very little data is collected on devices like Mono printers while the more advanced devices and colour devices usually have more data to collect. 

For Multi-Function Printers (MFPs) and larger printers the dataset can be quite rich but still varies by Brand, Manufacturing year, model etc. Not all data is collected each time a “Collect Phase” is triggered. Some data is collected every time, while some data is only collected once.

As a standard setting, Prisume collects the IP-address, MAC and Hostname for each scanned device. This is to ensure precise ID and placement of each device.

When a printer is found it will be matched to a specific MIB, and via SNMP it will be asked for specific data related to its type and model.