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Read and get hold of Prisume Installation Guide, Data Collector and Security White paper

Logo Documents for download

Prisume Installation Guide

Click and download this PDF document, that explains how to successfully install Prisume.

Prisume Data Collector

Click and download this ZIP-file containing the Prisume Data Collector.

Prisume Security White paper

Click and download this PDF document, that describes the technical security details concerning the Prisume Server and the Prisume Data Collector.

Please note

The screenshots in the Prisume Installation Guide are taken from a Windows 10 installation and can look slightly different on other platforms.

The Prisume Data Collector is supported on all newer Windows platforms, such as Windows Vista, Windows 7/8/10 and Windows Server 2008/2012. Prior to installation of Data Collector, you must install .NET Framework 4.5. If not installed it can be downloaded during the installation of the Prisume Printer Supplies Management Engine. .NET Framework 4.5 can also be downloaded from Microsoft website: