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What is Prisume?

Logo Prisume is an automated supplies fulfillment service...
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available via Despec, your no.1 print supplies distributor in the Nordics. Prisume is a service that keeps track of your customers printers to make sure that they never run out of ink or toner. Whenever consumables are needed, Prisume automatically places an order. You as a dealer no longer need to plan and make time for manual order placement!

In addition to this, neither you, nor your customers need to keep stock. Despec does that for you. You also ensure that the customer doesn´t buy consumables from other dealers.

...and there´s more!

Logo Prisume is an incredible time saver without any hustle
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When a printer is sending a “Toner Low” alarm, Prisume looks for other printers in the network, that is soon going to need new toner (or ink). Despec then picks and adds these supplies to the same box and the shipping gets consolidated – One freight, One cost, One box. This protects the environment while your customers save money.

Despec’s purchase department also see what will be needed before an alarm is received and will be ready to ship before the alarm reaches the warehouse. For you as well as your customers the supplies are being delivered, “Just in Time!” or as our customers call it; “Money when you sleep”.

Why should I choose Prisume?

Logo The main difference between Prisume and other solutions
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First of all, Prisume is free to use. You can see all printers in the network at no cost. 

Secondly, there are several similar solutions on the market, and has been for over 20 years. They all work about the same, i.e. when supplies are about to run out, you as a dealer receives a “toner is low” alarm.

Now! Here comes an important difference between Prisume and other solutions on the market. If you’re using another solution than Prisume, you as a dealer, need to react on the "Toner Low" alarm and manually place the supplies order. This can be very time consuming, and as we all know “Time is Money”. Prisume, on the other hand, sends the alarm to Despec’s warehouse where the supplies are being picked, boxed and labelled with your company’s logo and then drop-shipped directly to your customer. Despec invoices you a handling fee of €1,50 per consumable, and you invoice your customer. If there is no alarm, there is no cost.

Prisume as a sales tool

Logo This is where you benefit
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When using Prisume, you will be able to see what printers are installed in your customers premises. That means ALL the printers installed in the network, by ALL brands. Maybe you haven’t sold all the printers to your customer, but in Prisume you may find that your customer uses old, slow and energy craving printers. Printers that you can swap, and help your customers to both save money and the environment.

  • Environmental savings
  • Time and money saving solution
  • Keep control of your customers
  • All brands
  • Predicted shipments "Just in time" from your no.1 distributor in the Nordics
  • Consolidated shipping
  • Branding, your company logo on all boxes
  • Effortless automatic sales
  • Excellent print hardware sales tool
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Questions & Answers

Find answers to the most commonly asked questions. Should you lack any specific question, please don´t hesitate contacting us directly.

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When you see the potential in making print supplies ordering easier with automation, you are not far from getting started.

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You are always welcome contacting your local office for further questions, inquiries and assistance regarding Prisume.

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